My very first Devlog and first version of my game

HELLO EVERYONE... hello... oh hi. Well at least someone is here and maybe a few onlookers, but let's get to the exciting part... MY GAME FINALLY IS HERE. Yeah..Yeah...Ok, well I'll be straight up honest as this is the first draft, there are gonna be some typos I'm certain of it. Hopefully they don't turn you off so hard as I'll be fixing those, and in regards to the writing, yes some may be below average. I just find it that people usually like these games short and sweet, at least when it gets to the hot and heavy stuff. 

Believe me, I took 3 years of Screenwriting and Playwriting, my writing isn't that bad, quite good actually. So there will be parts where it feels like a damn novel, but hopefully enjoyable. I do hope you enjoy this story of Miguel's as I do have big plans with this story and the people involved. Please do read the Changelog as it will tell you what content is out and what content to expect next update, at the moment I plan to do them section by section. So for example once hometown is finished the next section will start to receive updates. however, if this somehow blows up and gains attention, if people want a scene from each section that can be done as well, just may be disorganized since each section is a different story. Also read the the opening letter as it will explain some topics that some may not enjoy, luckily I will let you know before hand if a route has such things.

Enough said, go enjoy the story you beautiful people... or what's available that is...


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May 18, 2021

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